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Escape from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life and spend your time playing the exciting casino games here at Livecasino, the most luxurious bitcoin casino in the industry. 

Livecasino offers a more premium touch interface that you can’t find in other casinos. The overall theme of the site features a sophisticated feel, whether it be the homepage or the games themselves. With the power of cutting edge technology, live casinos can give players the luxurious experience of playing in land-based casinos at the comfort of their homes. 

Experience unlimited fun and rewards at every title from classic slots to live casino card games. You can expect to have an amazing time because each of these is of high quality. Add to that the bonus features such as abundant rewards, loyalty programs and more, then you’ve got the perfect combination of an online casino. 

About Livecasino

With over 15 years of experience, this casino has worked its way to the top spot to become the number one market leader in the online crypto casino industry.

The site is powered by, a Bitcoin gaming platform, which ensures a high-quality gaming experience. Also, players won’t have to worry about the legitimacy of the site because it is fully licensed to operate by the government of Curacao under the gaming license 1668/JAZ.

Additionally, Livecasino doesn’t fall short on its collection of games. The site has 7 game providers in total, all of which are veteran and reliable companies in the industry of casino gaming.


Perks of playing in an online casino

Aside from the huge winnings and the exciting gameplay of each title here at the site, playing at an online casino comes with its fair share of advantages. Here are a number of them:

Free to play games
Unlike in usual brick and mortar casinos where there’s no way you can test out the games without having to wager on something, online casinos give players the chance to do so. Most of the casino games, especially slots, gives you the chance to try out the gameplay before you play it for real.

This feature is called the fun mode and it’s a good way to give the players a feel of the game before they spend their hard-earned money. Aside from that, players can also look at the payouts, RTP, bonuses and many more through the game demos. If you tried the game in practice mode and you didn’t quite like the experience, you can easily go back to the catalogue and try another game that suits your preference.

Probably the most remarkable advantage that online casinos have over physical ones is their convenience. Players won’t have to worry about waiting in line or driving to the nearest casino just to play their favourite games.

All the entertainment, excitement and bountiful rewards are brought to the comfort of your own home. The best thing about it is that you can play with other people from around the world with live casino games which makes it more enjoyable to play.

Playing casino games while lying down on your bed or sitting on your couch isn’t possible without the power of online casinos. Thanks to technological advancements, players can play their favourite games anywhere and anytime as long as they have a strong internet connection and device.
Loyalty points
Various online casinos such as here at Livecasino, offer players loyalty rewards to encourage them to keep playing games on the site. These rewards will usually be received by the players as they sign up and the reward will increase as they spend longer times playing different casino games.
Casino Bonuses
A wide selection of rewarding bonuses is one of the appeals of online casinos. A perfect example of this is the welcome bonus. This perk is given to them as soon as they sign up and deposit it into their account. This will give them a kickstart to increase their winnings and it will also encourage them to continue playing.

Different games you can play on the site

Players can hop in anytime and play the various games offered by Livecasino. All of your favourite casino games can be found in different categories that are easily laid out in front of you for your convenience. Here are the different games that you can play on the site:

Baccarat is one of the most simple yet rewarding card games of all time. In this game, players can either bet on their side, the banker’s (dealer) or a tie. After the players have all placed their wagers, the dealer will proceed to reveal two faced up cards to the players and himself/herself. Whoever has a hand value closest to nine wins the game.

Some of the available Baccarat games here at the site are:

-Bombay Club Salon Privé Baccarat by Evolution Gaming
-Bombay Club Thai Speed Baccarat by Evolution Gaming.

As of today, Blackjack is the most widely played casino banking game in the entire world. The game pits the players against the dealer using the hand that they’ve been dealt. The main goal of the game is simple and it’s to have a hand value higher than the dealer’s or as close to 21 without exceeding.

Throughout the game, players have the option to hit, stand, double down, split or surrender. All of these moves matter in increasing their chances of winning. There’s also a chance where the first two cards that a player draws add up exactly to 21. This is called a natural or blackjack and when this happens he/she immediately wins the game.

Get a chance to win big at one of these blackjack games:

-Bombay Club Japanese Salon Privé Blackjack by Evolution Gaming
-OneTouch Live Blackjack Lobby by OneTouch.

Roulette is a casino game based on luck and doesn’t require any particular set of skills. In the game, players place bets on a specific number and colour on the roulette table. After placing their wagers, the croupier (dealer) will then spin the wheel. All that’s left for the players to do is to pray that the ball lands on the pocket that they wagered on.

Here are some roulette games that you can enjoy on our site:

-Bombay Club Japanese Speed Roulette by Evolution Gaming
-Evolution Live Roulette Lobby by Evolution Gaming.

Teen Patti
Teen Patti is an exciting card game that originated in India. The name translates to three cards and the goal of the players with this game is to outlast everyone at the table.

Before starting the game, players would have to decide first on the minimum stake, also called boot amount. After they have agreed upon an amount, three cards will be dealt face down.

The boot amount is placed at the centre of the table and it grows as the game progresses. To win the game, the player must have the highest hand and remain until the hand’s completion.

Andar Bahar
Andar Bahar is a game with simple mechanics that originated in India and it is a game of pure chance. During the game, players have to choose between Andar which means left and Bahar which means right before each round begins.

First, players would have to place their bets on one of the two sides. The dealer will then proceed to deal cards face-up from what’s left of the deck alternately to the Andar and Bahar piles. If the first card that is dealt (house card) is black, it will go to the Andar pile. On the other hand, if the house card is red, the first card is dealt to the Bahar pile.

The dealer will continue to draw cards from the deck until a card appears that matches the rank of the house card. Players who bet on the pile that gets the matching card first wins.

Game shows
Experience the thrill of game shows when you play them and experience them first-hand here at Livecasino. Playing these titles will be just as fun as you’ve always imagined it. These games are played in real-time and just like the actual shows, it will also have a host!

The best part about it is that players will have the chance to chat with each other as well as the host throughout the game.

Here are some of the best game shows here at Livecasino:

-Deal or no deal
-Evolution Live Dream Catcher.

Fat Drac
Push Gaming
Fat Rabbit Bonus Buy
Fat Rabbit
Push Gaming
Sweet Alchemy
Sweet Alchemy
Play’n Go
Rise of Merlin
Rise of Merlin
Play’n Go
Extra chilli
Big Time Gaming
Book of Rebirth
Book of Rebirth
Son of Midas
Son of Midas
Book of Wolves
Book of Wolves
100 lucky chilies
100 lucky chilies
King Carrot
King Carrot
Hacksaw Gaming
Book of Misr
Book of Misr
Golden Shisa
Golden Shisa
Golden Stripe
Golden Stripe
Lucky Lion
Lucky Lion

Game providers of Livecasino

There are over a hundred games inside the catalogue of Livecasino that offer an enjoyable and rewarding experience. The amazing titles that players can see and enjoy on the site are only made possible by the top of the line game providers. 

Each provider has its specific style and they’re all different in how they approach game development. But, what they all have in common is their consistency to produce high-quality games. 

When it comes to the casino industry, these are the companies that are regarded as the cream of the crop:

Evolution Gaming
Evolution Gaming was launched way back in 2006 by Jens von Bahr based in Sweden. They are one of the game-changers of the online casino industry and they have produced some of the most beloved games of all time.

In 2020, they acquired two huge names in the online casino industry, NetEnt and Red Tiger. Today, with their large collection of top-notch casino games, they are now established as one of the best gaming companies of all time.

Evolution Gaming has tons of games on the site such as:

-Bombay Club Japanese Salon Privé Blackjack
-Evolution Live Roulette Lobby
-Evolution Live Blackjack Party
-Evolution Live Blackjack Diamond VIP
-Evolution Live Baccarat Control Squeeze.

When it comes to mobile casino games, OneTouch reigns supreme. The company launched in 2015, just in time for the boom of smartphones. They made their mark on the casino industry by making some of the best mobile casino games which include the world’s best Baccarat mobile game.

All of their premium titles can be played across all devices such as smartphones, tablets and PC so that players can enjoy them anywhere and anytime. Today, they are still at their peaks and they are dedicated to keeping the number one spot in mobile casino gaming.

Some of the best live dealer games from OneTouch Gaming here at Livecasino include:

-Bombay Club Live Baccarat 5
-Bombay Club Live Blackjack 5
-Bombay Club Live Roulette
-Bombay Club Live High Roller Baccarat
-Bombay Club Live Japanese Baccarat.

Hailing from Asia, eBet is the continent’s sole leading supplier of mobile iGaming launched in 2012, the company quickly grew because of their high-quality games that are optimized for mobile users.

Smartphones have gone through various generations since it was first introduced to the world and thankfully, this developer considers every generation. All of their live games are designed to be highly interactive and intuitive so that the player can feel like they’re at a physical casino.

Today they are trusted by thousands of companies and millions of players not only from Asia but from around the world. Their wide array of games can be played on PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

Here’s what eBet has to offer here at Livecasino:
-eBET Speed Baccarat 11
-eBET lobby
-eBET SVIP Baccarat
-eBET Baccarat 8
-eBET VVIP Baccarat.

Pragmatic Play
Pragmatic Play is one of the leading game providers in the iGaming industry. The company was launched in 2015 and even though they only have 5 years of experience under their belt, they have an impressive portfolio of games. Their goal of producing premium games for mobile devices is proven to be quite successful based on the games that they create.

They are also one of the fastest rising slots providers in the industry with over 200 HTML5 compatible titles on mobile and desktop. Their games include eye-catching designs that are designed to add to the enjoyment of players.

Some of their best titles here on the site include:

-Live – Dragon Tiger
Live – ONE Blackjack
-Live – Mega Roulette
-Blackjack 10 – Azure
-Auto – Roulette 1.

Ezugi is a growing game provider based in the city of Tel Aviv in Israel. The company was originally launched back in 2012 by local veterans of the gaming industry. Their shared love for gaming allows them to create some of the most cutting-edge games for both mobiles and PC.

Live dealer games are this company’s bread and butter. All of their titles under this category feels modern and premium and that is thanks to the studio’s use of state of the art equipment.

These pairs of equipment coupled with charming and professional live dealers allows the company to produce an amazing customer experience.
Here are some of the company’s top titles here at the site:

-Andar Bahar
-Portomaso Casino Roulette
Prestige Auto Roulette
-Speed Cricket Baccarat
-No Commission Baccarat.

Loyalty club

Players will be greeted with the Loyalty Club upon signing up at Livecasino. It rewards players with tons of bonuses and perks just for playing their favourite games on the site. However, it’s not that simple. There are several things that you need to know to fully enjoy these exciting perks. Here’s everything you need to know about the Loyalty Club:

What is the Loyalty Club

The Loyalty Club offers players a fun, fast and fair experience. Not only do these rewards make it more enjoyable to play on the site, but it also encourages players to come back and keep playing their favourite games.

By playing consistently on the site, you can get a chance to win amazing prizes such as but are not limited to:

Free spins
As the name suggests, this reward grants the player the opportunity to play the various slot games without wagering on anything. This removes the risk of losing money because players won’t have to take money out of their pockets. Aside from that, it increases their chances of winning big prizes.
Players who love playing casino games but hate losing will enjoy this reward. Cashbacks give you the cushioning that you need to lessen your losses. The promotion also ensures that the players will still win something even though they didn’t hit the jackpot.

Players can avail of up to 10% cashback which means they can get 10 percent of their money back if they lose a game.

Point multipliers
Point multipliers add a little bit more excitement to the already thrilling nature of casino games. What this reward does is that it significantly increases the number of winnings that the players receive from playing their favourite games.
Real money rewards
Players won’t have to worry about not getting their rewards because all of these are cashable anytime. That means no wagering requirement, all the player has to do is to continue playing the games available on the site to receive the rewards.

How to join?

Joining the Loyalty club won’t cost you a single cent. All you have to do is create a free account and you’ll automatically be eligible to join.

But, just because you’ve signed up doesn’t mean you’ll instantly receive the rewards and perks. You’ll have to make progress and the only way you can do this is by playing games on the site.

Here are some of the things that you need to remember so that you can receive the abundant rewards that this online casino has to offer:

  • Every real money bet will earn you more loyalty points
  • Playing both slot and table games will also let you receive points
  • Each loyalty level that you reach will increase your points multiplier
  • The higher the bet, the more points you’ll get.

The Seven Levels

In Livecasino’s Loyalty Club, you will be progressing through different levels. Each of these will grant you specific benefits such as points, points multipliers and milestone rewards. The higher the level, the better the benefits. 

The seven levels that every player can achieve on the site goes as follows:

Beginner (Level 1)
Upon signing up, players will be assigned to the beginner level which is the first and lowest level in the progression system and it offers no rewards at all. However, it wouldn’t be difficult to level up because players would only need to gain 5 points to level up.

-0 – 4 points
-1x points multiplier
-0 milestone rewards

Fan (Level 2)
The fan is the first level that the player progresses through after they have gained the needed points. From here, they would have to earn 3,749 points to progress to the next level. This level grants the players 1 reward.

-5 – 3,749 points
-1x points multiplier
-1 milestone reward

Expert (Level 3)
The expert level is when you will feel the grind. A minimum amount of 3,750 points is needed to reach this third level and it will provide you with 6 minestrone rewards.

-3,750 – 29,999 points
-1x points multiplier
-6 milestone rewards

Master (Level 4)
Players who reach the master level means that they’ve been playing constantly. To achieve this level players would need to attain 30,000 points. In exchange, they would be rewarded with 12 milestone rewards and a 1.25x points multiplier.

-30,000 – 249,999 points
-1.25x points multiplier
-12 milestone rewards

Guru (Level 5)
Guru is the fifth level and players would have to attain 250,000 points to reach it. It gives a 1.5x multiplier and 11 milestone rewards.

-250,000 – 749,000 points
-1.5x points multiplier
-11 milestone rewards

Legend (Level 6)
Legend is the second-highest level a player can achieve on the site. An amount of 750,000 points is needed to reach it and it provides players with 2x multiplier points and 12 milestone rewards.

-750,000 – 3,749,999 points
-2x points multiplier
-12 milestone rewards

VIP (Level 7)
VIP is the peak of the loyalty club. A whopping amount of 3,750,000 points is needed to reach it and only the players with the strongest determination will obtain it. In exchange for their hard work, players will receive a 3x multiplier and 20 milestone rewards.

-3,750,000 points
-3x points multiplier
-20 milestone rewards.


Loyalty club terms and conditions

As with any program, there is always a list of terms and conditions that need to be implemented. This is important because it acts as an agreement between the company and the users. 

The casino’s Loyalty Club has its fair share of these and as long as the players abide by these guidelines, they will be able to enjoy the rewards and perks that this program has to offer.

Read terms and conditions
  • Every bet that the player makes will grant them level points.
  • All level points that are generated by the player’s bet will depend on the user’s gameplay. (ex. 1 EUR is equal to 5 points, 0.5 EUR is equal to 0.5 points.)
  • The only way to generate level points is through real money gameplay.
  • Only users who are level 2 (fan) and up will be eligible to receive milestone rewards.
  • Each level will have a different amount of milestone reward.
  • Milestone rewards will only be available when a user generates a certain amount of level points.
  • Milestones are special rewards for the players as they progress from one level to another. These gifts can come in the form of free chips, free spins and cashbacks.
  • Rewards may vary from user to user because it solely depends on an individual’s characteristics and gameplay on the site.
  • If the user currently has an active bonus, they won’t be able to generate level and reward points. This means that they can’t contribute to their Loyalty Club level.
  • All currencies have the same level points.
  • All of the user’s gameplay on the site will contribute towards their Loyalty Club level.
  • The player will be receiving more level points and multipliers as they progress through the different Loyalty Club levels.
  • The casino games on the site are divided into ‘House edge’ categories that range from 0.5% to 30%.
  • The player’s loyalty points will be reset at the start of every month but the level will be retained.
  • Players can keep their loyalty levels as long as they attain the points needed by their levels every month.
  • Failure to reach the needed points by the current level will result in you dropping one level the next month along with the reset points.
  • Milestone rewards will also reset every month so that the players can claim them again for the new month.
  • Trying to manipulate the system to gain an edge over other players and the system itself is prohibited. If caught, Livecasino holds the right to ban the player and void them of their winnings.
  • Livecasino also has the right to change or cancel any milestone rewards and other associated benefits of the loyalty club at any given time.

5 Benefits of the Program

On top of all those bountiful free rewards that the players are eligible to receive, they can also enjoy 5 benefits that come with the program.

These benefits will increase your chances of winning as well as the amount that you will get to take home. They also serve to entice you to come back and keep playing your favourite games here at the online casino.

Levels and Rewards
Being on the Loyalty Club allows you to participate in a grand adventure of 6 levels with over 37 milestone rewards. The higher the level, the better rewards! You can check your profile anytime to see your level progress and points earned under your profile.
Valuable Progress
One of the ways that Livecasino keeps the gameplay experience fresh and is by adding a progression system. This prevents the players from getting bored because of being stagnant and having the same winnings all the time. With valuable progress, the more you wager, the better benefits you’re going to receive
Points for every spin
Playing slots has never been as rewarding as this. Aside from your potential winnings when you land a specific payline, be able to win more by receiving points for every spin. When these points accumulate, you’ll be surprised by how big they can go for and how they can increase your total payouts.
Favourite slots and table games
As a regular on the site, you’ll have access to hundreds of games on the site’s library. From slot to table games, you have plenty of options that will suit your preference.
Manage earning rules
The rewards that you will receive from Livecasino will depend on your activity. One example of this is the free spin package. These packages will be generated entirely based on your gameplay.

Blogs section

Sometimes playing one game after another can be tiring. It can cause eye strain, burnout and fatigue. To help avoid these things, visitors of the site can freely navigate their way to the blogs section here at Livecasino.

Having a blog section for the site is more helpful than you think! Here are some of the perks that come with it:

It’s the perfect place to take a break
It’s nice to relax every once in a while, especially after spending a long time playing games on the site. Here in the blog section, you can enjoy your peace. Read about the different things that catch your attention and relax as you learn something new.

You can also go here if you’re on a losing streak and you feel like you need a break.

You’ll learn something new
Not only will you be able to relax and gather your thoughts but you’ll also be able to learn something new as well! Whether it be tips and tricks about your favourite card games or the history of a specific table game, you will surely find something here that would catch your attention.

You can get a better understanding of your favourite game when you learn more about them. Every bit of advice that you’ll get from the different tips and tricks blogs will help you become an overall better player.

Some topics cover technical things such as cryptocurrency, how it works and what makes it convenient, etc. All you have to do is click on them and you’ll instantly have this information laid out in front of you, for free!

You’ll be entertained
The topics of these blogs can range from facts that you didn’t know to interesting lists such as top poker players of all time, perks of playing on an online casino, different ways you can become a better player, etc.

Reading has never been this entertaining! Find the one that piques your attention and be mesmerized by the nuggets of information that you will learn.



General questions

Who owns
Livecasino or is owned by Moon Technologies B.V. (Kaya Richard J. Beaujon Z/N Landhuis Joonchi II Curaçao).
Is Livecasino legal?
Yes, Livecasino is regulated by the Government of Curaçao. It also has a license to operate with a gaming license of 1668/JAZ.
What are the requirements for players who want to play?
The only requirement for people who want to sign up on the site is that they should be at least 18 or whichever legal age your government declares.

Account management

How can a player start placing bets?
The first step every player should do for them to place their bets on the games here at is to sign up.
How to register?
On the homepage of the website, click on the red button at the upper-right hand corner of the screen that says ‘signup’. You will then be redirected to another page where you will be required to input your username, email address, birthday and preferred password.

After you’ve filled out the necessary information, check the terms and conditions. Once you think that everything is up to your standards, go ahead and check the box. After that, all that’s left for you to do is press the create account button and you’re done!

Can a user change his/her password?
Yes, users can freely change their passwords. However, do keep in mind that once you do so, you will be unable to withdraw anything from your account for 48 hours due to security reasons.


What are the minimum deposit limits?
Livecasino accepts various types of cryptocurrencies as a method of payment. The minimum deposit limit goes as follows:

-Bitcoin – 1 mBTC (0.001 BTC)
-TRON – 100 TRX
-Ethereum – 0.01 ETH
-Litecoin – 0.1 LTC
-Ripple – 50 XRP
-Tether – 10 USDT.

Keep in mind that smaller deposits than the ones indicated above will automatically be voided.

How to deposit funds?
Users can easily deposit into their accounts responsibly and professionally using their crypto-wallets and credit cards. Just head on over to your profile and select a deposit. You can also make use of the BTCXE service to buy Bitcoins and automatically deposit them into your account. Do keep in mind that this service includes a fee.


How to withdraw any rewards and bonuses?
Before you can withdraw any awards or bonuses, wagering requirements must be met. These requirements may vary but they will always be shown when receiving the said reward.
How to withdraw winnings?
Withdrawals are processed under the online casino’s policies. For people who want to make Bitcoin withdrawals, their stated wallet address will be the one to receive the amount withdrawn.

To withdraw any funds, a minimum of 3 blockchain confirmations is required.

What would happen if a player mistakenly receives winnings that don’t belong to them?
If this happens, you must immediately inform us via email. This amount still belongs to the casino and will automatically be deducted from your account.

If you withdraw the amount mistakenly credited to your account, it will constitute a debt owed by you to us.



Where to find rewards and bonuses?
You may find all your rewards, points and bonuses under your profile page.
Can rewards expire?
Yes, most rewards expire after 3 days. Make sure to use them within this timeframe because once they expire, there’s no getting them back!
Do rewards ever get cancelled?
Livecasino has the authority to cancel any rewards that the player receives once they are caught manipulating or abusing them.
How many times can a user receive a specific reward?
Rewards can only be received once per person/account.


Who can users contact regarding their issues?
Users can freely contact Livecasino through email,, or live chat. To access the live chat, all you have to do is look for the green icon that can be found on the lower right-hand corner of your screen. Once you click on it, you will be assigned a customer care representative.
Is customer service always available?
Yes, the customer service is available 24/7. They are also available in most major world languages to cater to players from different sides of the world.

Responsible gambling

Gambling should always be done responsibly. As Livecasino provides high-quality and enjoyable gaming experiences for players, we recommend that they would act responsibly and professionally.

Livecasino purely offers these fun and thrilling games for leisure and entertainment purposes. To enjoy this online casino at its fullest and to ensure you’re well being, we recommend you to:

  • Don’t spend money that you don’t have.
  • Treat and play the games on the site as a form of entertainment only.
  • Don’t be pressured to bet amounts of money larger than what you can afford.
  • Don’t try to make up for your losses by betting money that you can’t afford to lose.

Start playing today at Livecasino!

What are you waiting for? Create an account now and start winning big prizes! Hundreds of games are waiting to be played by you. There’s no time for second-guessing. Deposit now and start reaping all the huge rewards only here at the leading bitcoin casino in the industry, Livecasino!

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