Get unlimited fun and wins in Evolution’s Infinite Blackjack Live

Evolution is one of the top game providers in the online casino industry. It is known for developing live versions of classic casino games such as blackjack, roulette, poker, craps and baccarat. Aside from that, Evolution is also popular for creating such titles and transforming them into more innovative and entertaining versions.

To give more choices and variety to their players, it also offers some unique takes on various titles such as Speed Blackjack, Power Blackjack, Infinite Blackjack, Lightning Blackjack and Free Bet Blackjack. But the most popular of them all is the Infinite Blackjack. With the number of blackjack games Evolution has released, this is yet one of the most entertaining ones that players like to play. 

Want to know more about this game? Read the rest of this article to learn every important detail! 

What is Infinite Blackjack and how does it differ from the classic version?

Infinite Blackjack’s rules are the same as the classic version where you will play against the dealer only. The only difference is that Infinite Blackjack offers more bets and a bonus feature. Moreover, it also has an unlimited number of seats so the game can accommodate all players that entered the game.

Just like the classic game, your objective in Infinite Blackjack is to get a higher card value than the dealer without going over 21. If the total sum of your hand is exactly 21, you get the Blackjack and win the round. Otherwise, you will lose the round as well as your bet on that hand.

Evolution’s Infinite Blackjack has an RTP of 94.12% up to 99.47% depending on the type of bet. Here, the minimum bet amount is €1 to a maximum of €12,500, which suit both low and high rollers.

Compared to other live games where other table games can be seen being played in the background, Infinite Blackjack is streamed in a quiet setting. Here, you will only see the dealer with an exclusive Infinite Blackjack logo as their backdrop. You can choose the camera angle you want by clicking the Switch View button at the upper right corner of the screen.

How to play and win in Infinite Blackjack Live

Evolution’s Infinite Blackjack is played with 8 decks of standard 52-cards. Here, cards 2 to 10 are worth their face value and face cards such as the Jack, Queen and King are worth 10 each. An ace is worth either 1 or 11, depending on which value is more favourable to your hand.

Steps on how to play in Infinite Blackjack live

Take a look at how a round of Infinite Blackjack live plays out below:

  1. Place your desired bet by clicking the selection of chips at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Wait for the 10-second betting time limit to stop.
  3. Once the betting time has expired, the dealer will deal 1 card face up to all players and herself or himself.
  4. The dealer will deal the second card face up to all players except for her card, which will be dealt face down.
  5. You will see the value of your hand next to your cards. Then, you will be given another betting time limit to decide what your next bet will be.
  6. After all the players have placed their bets, the dealer will reveal their hand. You win the round if your hand value is exactly 21. If both hands are blackjack, your bet is returned.

Infinite Blackjack live bets, bonus features and payouts

Infinite Blackjack offers 4 main bets, 5 side bets and a bonus feature. Check out what they are and their payout values by reading below:

Main bets

  • Stand: If you are satisfied with the value of your cards, you can choose to Stand and wait for the dealer to reveal their hand.
  • Hit: You can choose to Hit if you want to improve the values of your hands by letting the dealer pass additional cards to you.
  • Double Down: If you don’t have a Blackjack, you can choose to Double Down. Here, you will double the amount of your bet and be given an additional card. 
  • Split: Choose to Split if you want your bet to be doubled and split your cards into 2 individual hands.

Side bets

  • Hot 3: Lets you bet on a combination of 3 cards consisting of your first 2 cards and a dealer’s open card.
  • 21+3: Gives you a chance to win if your first 2 cards consist of any of the following combinations:
    • Suited Trips or a hand with 3 identical cards
    • Straight Flush or a hand with the same suit in numerical sequence 
    • Three of a Kind or a hand with same value but different suits
    • Straight or a hand with different suits but in numerical sequence
    • Flush or a hand with the same suit without following a numerical sequence.
  • Any Pair: This allows you to bet on the combination of your hand’s first 2 cards.
  • Bust It: Lets you bet that the dealer’s hand will exceed 21 and he or she will bust.
  • Insurance Bets: The option to place Insurance bets are given to players if the dealer’s upcard is an Ace. Insurance bets are worth half of your main bet and are settled separately from the bet on your hand. 

If the dealer does not have a Blackjack, another betting round will go on. Otherwise, the round is over and the dealer wins. However, if both of you have a Blackjack, the game will end and your bets will be returned.

Bonus feature

The Six Card Charlie feature means that you automatically win if your hand consists of 6 cards with a total value of 21 or less. This feature still applies even if the dealer has a Blackjack. In addition, you don’t have to pay anything for this feature to be activated. It simply triggers at random times.


Infinite Blackjack pays 3:2 for the main bets and 2:1 for the Insurance bets. Take a look at the table below to see the payouts of the side bets:

Type of betOutcomePayout
Any PairSuited Pair25:1
21+3Suited Trips100:1
Straight Flush40:1
Three of a Kind30:1
Hot 37-7-7100:1
Total 21 suited20:1
Total 21 unsuited4:1
Total 202:1
Total 191:1
Bust ItBust with 8 or more cards250:1
Bust with 7 cards100:1
Bust with 6 cards50:1
Bust with 5 cards9:1
Bust with 4 cards2:1
Bust with 3 cards1:1

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