How to play lightning roulette

Today, you can play casino games like roulette wherever you want thanks to streamable live dealer games online. With these, you can enjoy a game of roulette in real-time with an actual dealer and wheel. You can even interact with the players from different countries as well as the dealer, making the online experience all the more engaging. 

Among the different live roulette games you can play, one stands out among the rest with its innovative features and engaging gameplay: Lightning Roulette. A European roulette game, it follows the standard 37-pocket layout with features like lucky numbers and multipliers that up the stakes and make the game more exciting!

So if you’re interested to know more about this game, has listed down everything you need to know before playing Lightning Roulette! Check it all out down below:

Step-by-step guide: How to play Lightning Roulette

Even though this appears to be a more unique form of traditional roulette, it is rather simple and easy to grasp. But to give you a heads up and know what to expect, here is a step-by-step guide on how to play Lightning Roulette:

Step 1: Choose a preferred site

To start, choose a preferred site where you’d want to play Lighting Roulette on. If you still don’t know any site that offers this game, you can head over to

Step 2: Create an account

Once you’ve chosen a gaming site to use, you first have to check if they require you to make an account or not. Most online casinos will require you to have one and if so, create an account and provide all necessary information to sign up. Afterwards, if you are fit to join, you’ll instantly be transported back to the site as a member.

Step 3: Join the game

After creating an account and becoming a member, look for the game on the site’s search bar or game tabs. Game tabs will usually be labelled ‘live roulette’, ‘slots’, ‘live blackjack’ and so on. You can also look for the game through its provider. Once you’ve found the game, simply click on it and wait.

Step 4: Place your bet

As soon as you join the game, you’ll be asked to choose chips. All players will be required to pick out chips to use during the whole duration of the session. Chips have different denominations to make betting more flexible. Choose among the available options you’d want to start with. Grey chips will mean, these are options you can’t use. This means you lack the funds to use that option.

Now place your bet once the betting window opens. This occurs before the wheel is spun and the ball starts rolling. All players are allowed to make standard roulette bets. But if you opt to bet on ‘lucky numbers’ or in other terms ‘lightning numbers’, you can only choose to use Straight Up bets. 

When placing inside or outside bets, you can choose to wager on any number in any given combination. Remember that both outside and inside bets require at least a table minimum.   

Once you place a bet, the lighting number will be determined. 1 to 5 numbers are determined every round where you can get a chance to win x50 to a dazzling x500 you wager!

Step 5: Wait for the results

During this step, all that’s left to do is wait for the ball to land. If the ball lands on any of your chosen numbers, you win and get paid. If it doesn’t, you forfeit your original stake but will be able to join in the following round. After all players are paid, a new round will start.

Lightning Roulette’s features to look forward to

Lightning Roulette functions and plays out like any other game of roulette but what makes it all the better is its added features. Here is everything you can look forward to when playing Lightning Roulette:

Lucky numbers and lucky payouts

One of the exciting features to look forward to is this game’s lucky number. At the start of every round, five lucky numbers with corresponding multipliers or lucky payouts ranging from 50x to 100x are randomly chosen. 

If you happen to bet on any of these numbers and they hit, you win its respective multiplier payout. But this only applies to Straight Up bets made on these numbers. For every non-multiplied Straight Up bet, you will be granted a 29x payout.

Neighbouring bets

Another feature to be excited about is this game’s neighbouring bets. These cover numbers adjacent to one another on the roulette wheels. To place a neighbouring bet you can choose a number on the racetrack. You can even increase and decrease this bet using the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons. Here’s a list of the neighbouring bets:

  • Tiers du Cylindre
  • Orphelins a Cheval
  • Voisins du Zéro
  • Jeu Zero.

Lightning Roulette FAQs

Now that you know surface knowledge about the game, you can then proceed to delve into questions you might have about it. has answered top FAQs about Lightning Roulette so check them out below:

Is Lightning Roulette free to play?

No, Lightning Roulette is a live casino game played with real money. Unlike table roulette games online, this game is played live with an actual dealer, wheel and players so this can only be played with real money.

Can you bet on all the numbers in Lightning Roulette?

Yes, Lightning Roulette allows all players to place a bet on all numbers in any given order. Betting on all numbers will even mean you getting a multiplier once you get a win.

What’s the best way to win in Lightning Roulette?

There are tons of strategies out there but one of the most ‘deemed’ strategies to work is the ‘All number bet’. This is when you bet on every number and for Lightning Roulette, this is betting on numbers 0 to 37. This might increase your overall risk but winning will surely grant you a hefty payout.

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