Earn big money while having fun by playing live blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most exciting games in online casinos. With its fast, rewarding and easy to learn gameplay, it has become one of the staple games among casino players.

With the beauty of modern technology, you get to experience all the fun of traditional blackjack in the comfort of your own home. Are you curious to know more? Learn everything about live blackjack here at Live Casino!

Blackjack history

Blackjack’s roots can be traced back to France where it was known as Vingt-et-un. When it reached American soil, it was called ‘Twenty One’.

When it was brand-new to America, the Twenty One table was mostly empty. Wanting to add some excitement to this new game, casino owners added a thrilling bonus: a 10 to 1 payout. Activated when players get a natural 21 with blackjack and Ace of Spades, this special bonus made people want to play this new game. With that new winning method, that’s how Twenty One got its new name: ‘Blackjack’. 

This bonus, in addition to Blackjack’s simple gameplay, has gathered the attention of not just the gamblers of America, but also those all over the world. 

Today, this iconic game has found itself in not just international casinos, but also in online games. With additional new features and bonuses to be explored, you no longer have to be in a physical casino to have a fun game of Blackjack!

Blackjack card values

Playing blackjack means you have to know the values of cards. Here are the cards and their corresponding values in blackjack:

Jack, King, and Queen cards – Each of these cards have a value of 10. 

Ace – To help the player or the dealer get a natural blackjack quicker, this card either has a value of 1 (if the card hand is currently valued at 20) or 11 (if the card hand has a value of 10 or below).

Numbered cards – All cards numbered 2 – 10 are values with their respective face value.

Blackjack actions

For you to be a high-earning blackjack player, you need to learn what actions to take during the round. 

To help you get familiarized with these actions, here’s a guide to what they do in-game:

Hit – Hit in blackjack means that you request another card from the dealer. You may hit as many times as needed to get a card hand value that’s close to 21. However, be careful not to go over 21 or it’s a bust. 

Stand – Choosing to stand means you’re content with the cards dealt with you. This is a great choice if there’s a high possibility for you to go over a card hand of 21.  

Surrender – The moment you have a bad card hand, you can choose to surrender.  Once you do, the dealer will give you half of your original wager.

Double down – Also known as ‘reaching deep’, this action multiplies your initial bet up to x2 its value for the price of a single card.

Split – When you are dealt a pair, you can choose to split them into two hands. What this does is, you get another hand to bet against the dealer. For you to use this other hand, you must pay an additional wager with the same value as your original hand.

Side bets

Wagering on side bets is a good way to make your gameplay more exciting. Additionally, they give you more chances to take home profitable payouts. Here are some of them:


House Edge: 2% to 3%

Payout: 2:1

For players who want a consolation prize if a dealer gets a Blackjack, betting on Insurance is a good decision. When the dealer draws an Ace card, (valued as either 1 or 11), and the chance of getting a natural blackjack is high, they’ll offer you Insurance. To get it, you must spend half the cost of your original bet. In the event the dealer gets Blackjack, you’ll win a payout of 2:1.

Lucky Ladies 

House Edge: 24%

Payout: 1000:1 (Two queens of hearts when the dealer has Blackjack), 200:1 (Two queens of hearts), 25:1 (Matched 20, with the same rank and suit), 10:1 (Suited 20), and 4:1 (Unsuited 20)

To make a Lucky Ladies wager, you would have to bet on the possibility that the player will have two cards that have a total value of 20.

Over/Under 13

House Edge:  6.5% (Over) and 13% (Under)

Payout: 1:1

This side bet wagers on the total value of the first two cards dealt to you. When choosing the ‘Over’ side bet, you’re expecting a total card hand of 13. On the other hand, choosing the ‘Under’ side bet means you’re expecting the card hand to have a value of below 13.

Perfect Pairs

House Edge: 11%

Payout: 25:1 (Pairs with the same cards and suit), 12:1 (Same colours, different suits – ‘Coloured Pair’), and 6:1 (Red/black pair)

This blackjack side bet gives you a win if the first two cards dealt to you are the same. These two cards don’t necessarily have to be of the same suit. However, take note that there’s a better payout if they are of the same suit.

Royal Match 

House Edge: 3.7%

Payout:  25:1 (Suited King-Queen pair) and 5:2 (Two suited cards)

This side bets on the possibility that your first two cards will either be of the same suit or be a King and Queen pair of the same suit.


The value of the number of decks

Due to blackjack’s popularity, it has been changed and adapted for different cultures and players. With each blackjack game you’ll play, you’ll notice some major differences in gameplay. 

The biggest difference you’ll find is the house edge based on the number of decks used. Meaning, once the number of cards used chage, the winning odds of players are also affected’ or something similar.

Difference between Single deck and Double deck

In blackjack, there are usually two types of decks used: a single or a double deck. Here are the things you need to know about each of them:

Single deck blackjack
This blackjack deck variant is characterized by players receiving two cards each. Meanwhile, the dealer will receive one card face-up, while the other is face down. The usual rules still apply in this type of blackjack.

Actions such as hit, stand, split or double down without going over 21 are still the goal of the game. Your chance of winning a natural blackjack in a single deck blackjack is 4.83%.

Double deck blackjack
In this blackjack variant, you can get at least 8 decks and the dealer doesn’t get a hole card. This doubling of the deck’s purpose is to increase the casino edge to make card counting difficult to do.

One of the benefits of double deck blackjack t is that you can split your cards if they are a pair or have equal value.

This game continues to use the traditional rules of blackjack but on a much larger scale of 104 cards.

Knowing which deck is best for you

The ‘best’ deck has different meanings for different players. So be sure you’re aware of your preferences before playing a table. 

If you’re still unsure, here’s a guide to help you decide: 

  • For a more classic game of blackjack, find a single deck game. 
  • If you’re a thrill-seeking high-roller, then the double deck’s additional rules in addition to classic ones are perfect for you. 

Games to play

Once you’ve mastered the tips above, it’s time to put your skills to the test by playing these fun, live blackjack games here at Live Casino:

Evolution’s Infinite Blackjack

RTP: 99.47%

Minimum bet: 0.05 credits

Maximum bet: 1,250 credits

Join and learn from limitless players in an exciting game of blackjack with Evolution’s Infinite Blackjack. Be a blackjack champion as you play a live game that gives you unique features to help build the perfect card hand.  

This game allows access to other player’s moves. Meaning, you will be able to create better choices as you learn from other players. Additionally, you can use fully customizable software so you can play based on your preferences with the Reality Check option.

Evolution Blackjack Lobby

RTP: 99.29 %

Minimum bet: 0.5 credits

Maximum bet: 2

Enjoy a lively game of blackjack with Evolution Blackjack Lobby! With high-spirited hosts, a colourful setting, and fun side bets, you can party on as you try to build a great card hand. 

This enables the game to enjoy a unique blackjack vibe with 2 fun hosts, a colourful table, and lively music! The second one is the fun side bets that can increase your winning chances through Perfect Pairs, 21+3 and Insurance! Finally, you have the ‘Bet behind’ feature. This gives you the opportunity to place your wager while you wait for a vacant seat.

Ezugi’s Blackjack 1

RTP: 99.79 %

Minimum bet: 2 credits

Maximum bet: 500 credits

Enjoy a fun, European style blackjack game with Ezugi’s Blackjack 1! Be prepared to play with 8 decks as you use various side bets and a variety of other technical features to help increase your chances of building a natural blackjack.

This Blackjack 1 game has an excellent interface. With its full-screen viewing and Live chat, you’ll have a fully immersive blackjack experience. For players new to blackjack, or those who want a refresher, you can access a ‘How to Play Tutorial’ at any point in the game.

Rookie mistakes to avoid in blackjack

Given blackjack’s simple gameplay mechanics, the game can be deceivingly easy for casino players, especially amateur players. However, mistakes can still occur, which can lead to significant losses. Here are some effective tips beginners can do to avoid these mistakes:

Being unfamiliar with table features
For first time players, their excitement leads them to play on the first table they see. However, this is not advisable because tables have different payout ratios and features that might not be suited to their current abilities. So, playing the first game you’ll see could lead to a lot of losses.

To avoid losses, make sure to understand the features of the table you’re playing in. Additionally, visit the table’s provider’s website to learn about the mechanics and various details about the blackjack game you’re playing.

Trying to get too close to 21
In blackjack, your, and the dealer’s goal is to build a card hand that doesn’t exceed 21. Many inexperienced players rush in building a 21 card hand without careful consideration. Though it’s normal for new players to be this impulsive, this leads to numerous bust-related losses against the dealer.

Instead of blindly rushing to build a 21 card hand, players need to learn about card counting. Card counting is characterized by the player adding up their cards’ current value, and seeing if it’s a good idea to either hit or stand.

There are many ways to practice card counting, but new players should focus on the more popular ones like Knockout Count System, Hi-Lo and the Ace-Five count. This is because there are more references to these card counting techniques.

Over-reliance on the Insurance side bet
Though Insurance is a good way to not go home empty-handed, over-reliance on this side bet is not ideal. This is because Insurance is predicated on the dealer having a blackjack to give you half of your original bet.

So if they don’t get a blackjack, not only will you lose your initial bet, but also the insurance wager you just paid. Meaning, you’ll end up going home more empty-handed by an over-reliance on the Insurance side bet.

Being overconfident
Once you start to win more often, it’s easy to be overconfident. To a lot of beginners, they let their success get into their heads. What happens next is, they disregard the lessons taught above and make rash decisions. This leads to more busts and the loss of everything they’ve worked hard for in the earlier rounds.
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