Witness the white ball drop in live roulette

Roulette is a perfect casino game for both new and experienced players alike due to its fast, easy-to-learn gameplay and rewarding payouts. Over the years, different variants of roulettes have appeared to accommodate players of different skill sets and preferences.

Moreover, due to the rise of online casino sites, casino game providers made a way to let players enjoy their favourite games, especially roulette. Now, you can have fun playing any variant you want with just a click of your mouse or a tap of your finger. If you’re new to playing live roulette, discover helpful information that will guide you through the game. Are you curious to know more? Learn more about it and play bitcoin roulette online here at Live Casino!

What is live roulette?

When it comes to online casino games, live roulette is one of the most popular in new and old casinos among players. With its extensive selection, roulette can cater to a lot of players across the world. Usually, they are played with the same roulette game rules. Regardless of the number of available variants, roulette remains one of the top casino games today. 

The live version differs from the online variant because it features a dealer and you can see the actual spinning of the wheel. With live roulette, you interact with real players and dealers. In this version of roulette, you can experience the thrill of brick and mortar casinos at the comforts of your home.

American vs European roulette  

Roulette has two variants —American and European roulette. Each one has its characteristics that make them unique from each other. Both the American and European roulette are the basis of the variants that exist today. Here are the differences between the two:

American roulette
The first distinct difference between American roulette and the European version is that the former has two green zeroes (0) on the wheel which are the single zero and double zero. Overall, the wheel has 38 numbered segments. Additionally, the RTP for this roulette type is 94.74% and each segment pays 35:1.
European roulette
European roulette is more popular compared to American roulette. Some players also call this French roulette because it originated in France. In European roulette, the wheel has a total of 37 numbered segments which includes one green pocket for zero. The RTP of this version is 97.3 and each segment also pays 35:1.

While European roulette is also called French roulette, the latter includes other bet types such as La Partage which involves the dealer dividing all even money bets in half when zero comes up as the result of the spin.

Features of live roulette 

To give you clearer information on what goes on in live roulette games, here are some of the features that you should know about:

Real equipment
Real equipment is used to facilitate live roulette games to provide you with an atmosphere of brick and mortar casinos. This is proof that live roulette is played in real-time and you have the opportunity to watch it unfold before your eyes.

Like in land-based casinos, live roulette games use a real roulette table for the dealer to spin the reels and drop the white ball. The table used for the variants differs depending on the variant you’re playing. The wheel can be in the middle or end of the table.

Additionally, all live roulette use high definition cameras to capture every action in the game. Every angle that will help players see the progress of roulette is shown so it’ll be easier to follow it. With this, you will witness the dealer’s actions and clearly see exactly where the ball lands.

Apart from real equipment used in live roulette games, a real-life human dealer is present to help with the progress of the gameplay. They will also guide you through it if you ever need help just like in brick and mortar casinos. In addition to facilitating the game, the dealers are experts and professionally trained to make sure they know the ins and outs of roulette.

Moreover, the dealers entertain the players with their friendly voice and lively vibe. They will answer any questions you may have regarding the game.

Online players
Compared to video roulette where you play against the computer, in live roulette, you get to play with real players online without seeing them. This is where the live chat feature comes in. With this, players can interact with one another while watching the game unfold.

Just like in land-based casinos, the live chat feature is a way for players to exchange pleasantries and ask questions while the dealer and online casino monitor everything.


Types of bets you can do 

In live roulette, there are tons of bets you can do to maximize your winning potential and increase the thrill of playing. These bets allow you to take extra steps to see if you have the chance to land a win. There are two types of bets you can do—the inside and outside bets. To help you make the most of your time playing live roulette, here are the types of bets you can do:

Inside bets

The Inside bets involve the players placing bets on the table that correspond to the ones written on the wheel which are the numbered pockets. Here are the types of Inside bets you can do:

Straight up
Straight up bets involve placing a bet directly on the number you want the white ball to land on. You can only place a bet on one number on the table layout. You will receive 35:1 if the number you’ve chosen turned up after a spin.

When clicking on the number of your choice, make sure to click on the number and not the edges because it will turn into another type of bet which is a Split bet.

Split bet
Also known as Combination bets, a Split bet involves placing a wager on two adjacent numbers on the table layout, for instance, 18 & 21, 32 & 35 or 2 & 3. If either of the two numbers you bet on turns up after a spin, you receive a payout of 17:1. This bet is placed by clicking on the line between the two numbers of your choice.
Street bet
This type of bet involves three numbers in one row on the table layout such as 7, 8 & 9 or 14, 15 & 16. If the ball lands on any of the numbers included on the row, you’ll receive a payout of 11:1. To place a bet on this Inside bet, you have to click on the line of the first number.
Trio bet
The Trio bet is placed on a three numbered corner that includes the zero (0) for instance, 0, 2 & 3. You win 11:1 if one of the numbers turn up.
Corner bet
This type of Inside bet is placed on the centre or intersection of the four numbers. If one of the numbers turns up, you receive 8:1.
Line bet
This bet pertains to the corner of two rows of numbers. When you place this bet, it will cover six numbers on the table layout.

Outside bets 

Aside from placing straightforward bets, players are allowed to place wagers that are not limited to specific numbers on the wheel. Outside bets refer to groups like Odd or Even and Black or Red. This category allows players to be creative in placing wagers because they don’t necessarily pertain to one number. 

Here are the Outside bets in live roulette:

Red or Black
Do the Red or Black bet if you think the white ball will land on a red or black pocket of the wheel. This covers 18 red and 18 black pockets. To place this wager, click on either of the boxes labelled ‘Red’ or ‘Black’ or have their distinct colours.
Odd or Even
The Odd or Even bet is placed if you think that either an odd or even number will turn up after the spin of the wheel. To place this bet, click on either of the boxes labelled ‘Odd’ and ‘Even’. Like the Red or Black bet, this type also covers 18 odd and 18 even numbers. However, you lose if the ball lands on the green zero (0) since it’s not considered an even number in roulette.
High or Low
The numbers on the wheel are divided into two groups—the high and low numbers. The high numbers include the numbers 19 to 36 while the low numbers are made of numbers 1 to 18. The objective of a High or Low bet is that the ball has to land on a number within the range of either of the two.
Dozen bet
With the Dozen bet, you can place a bet on an entire vertical line covering 12 numbers. If you want to place this bet, click on either of the three boxes labelled ‘1st 12’, ‘2nd 12’ and ‘3rd 12’.
Column bet
As its name suggests, this type of bet covers the whole row containing 12 numbers. Place a wager on this bet by clicking on the box labelled ‘2 to 1’.

Roulette games available in Live Casino

Start your online casino gaming experience when you try various live roulette games in Live Casino. Test your luck and see for yourself if you have what it takes to win the bets you’ve placed. 

Here are the top live roulette games you should try in Live Casino:

Lightning Roulette
Lightning Roulette is the kind of live roulette that will excite your every spin of the wheel. This game works by having lightning randomly strike 1 to 5 numbers in every round. When this happens, you can win 50x to 500x.

This roulette variant is played the same way as the traditional roulette game. Its objective is to predict where the white ball will land on the pockets which cover the numbers 1 to 36 and a single zero. After placing your bets, the wheel is spun by the dealer and wherever the ball drops, it’s considered as the winning number.

American Roulette
Another popular roulette variant available in Live Casino is the American Roulette. This game follows the traditional rules of American roulette where you have to predict the number where the white ball will land. The wheel in this live roulette game has the numbers 1 to 36 with one single zero (0) and a double zero (00).

When you choose this variant, you can use all the bets stated earlier. This allows you to increase your chances of landing a win. If you already know how to play American roulette, you don’t have to worry about the rules of the game because it’s the same as the traditional one.

Bombay Club Live Roulette
Bombay Club Live Roulette is another top roulette variant in Live Casino. This follows the European roulette structure where the wheel has 37 numbers including the zero (0). Once you play the game, you’re allowed to repeat your wager and utilise the inside and outside bets.

Let the wheel show your fate

Roulette is a fast-paced game perfect for players who are looking for fun and excitement. With the easy gameplay of roulette, you won’t have a hard time getting familiar with each bet, game terms and rules. 

Now that you know more about it, play bitcoin roulette online and utilise the different types of bets to test your skills and find out if you are destined to win. See the action in real-time and feel the same thrill of watching the wheel spin and the ball land on your chosen number.

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