Enjoy a chock-full of online casino promotions at Livecasino

Experience a thrilling challenge in real-time and gamble on the wide selection of casino games here at Livecasino! Choose from a wide range of games such as slots, live baccarat and live blackjack among others for a gaming experience unlike any other. 

To make things more exciting, you can try the different online casino promotions at the site. Beat the odds and use the latest casino bonuses to boost your winnings. Uncover all about them here:

What are the different online casino promotions available?

Placing a bet and playing the various games at Livecasino allows you to join the site’s different promotions. Explore the different online casino promotions here:

Exclusive lottery tickets for loyal users

Reach the top of the leaderboards in all the lottery tournaments of Livecasino for a chance to snag the biggest prizes and gain the best cash rewards! All you need to do is play your favourite slot and table games to increase the possibility of winning exclusive prizes in 4 different lotteries at Livecasino. Know more about it in detail by checking out the details below:

How to participate
  1. Start with playing any table or slot game before the draw ends
  2. Earn 1 point for every 1mBTC wager on any table game
  3. Get 3 points for every 1mBTC bet on different slot games
  4. Once you’ve accumulated at least 50 points, you’ll receive a ticket to join in the weekly lottery events
  5. Participate in the designated schedule for the live lottery for a chance to win.

Bet now and open the window of opportunity towards winning amazing prizes such as a Louis Vuitton bag, 70 mBTC and 100 Free Spins. A total of 30 different users will be given the chance to win in this tournament. However, only one player is allowed to have multiple prizes at once.

What are the best table games to play?
Speed Baccarat A by Evolution

Evolution’s Speed Baccarat A uses 8 decks and only has a betting period of only 10 seconds. Compared to those with the usual 15-second betting window, this variant is quicker and has lots of side bets to help you score larger payouts. Try this game now and earn some points to grab a ticket for the lottery draw.

Blackjack 1 by Ezugi

Play a fun game round in Ezugi’s Blackjack 1! Showcasing a high RTP of 99.79%, it presents a generous opportunity and an exciting challenge for your skills and luck. Bet on your fortune now and who knows, Lady Luck may be on your side and let you win the best amount of prizes!


Daily bonanzas

It’s always a lucky day for loyal Livecasino users with loads of rewards waiting for them every day. Take hold of your fate by earning points, ranking high among all players and getting the chance to win daily. Here’s how you can join in on the fun:

How to participate
  1. Press the ‘Join’ button on the tournament tab of our website
  2. Earn 1 point by placing 1 mBTC bet on any table
  3. Get 3 points for every 1 mBTC wager on slot games.

Receive up to 14mBTC every day by continuously placing bets and having a great time playing Livecasino’s vast selection of table and slot games. If you belong to the top 30 players, you receive any of the corresponding rewards:

Ranking – Prize money
1 – 3.9 mBTC
2 – 2.1 mBTC
3 – 1.9 mBTC
4 – 1.6 mBTC
5 – 1 mBTC
6 – 0.9 mBTC
7 – 0.8 mBTC
8 – 0.7 mBTC
9 – 0.6 mBTC
10 – 0.5 mBTC
11-20 – 0.2 mBTC (only applicable in Baccarat)
21-30 – 0.1 mBTC (only applicable in Baccarat)

Start collecting points now and seize the chance to be ‘today’s player’ for the opportunity to get the best lineup of prizes.

How to start collecting points
Begin accumulating points at Livecasino by clicking the ‘Collect points’ tab at the bottom of the promotions page. You will then be redirected to the tournament section where you are required to log in. Once you log in to your account, you can start playing any of the available games and collect points by making lots of bets.

Fun and crazy time with slots

Consistently playing the different slot games at Livecasino is a great way to stock up some points and get weekly bonuses. Take advantage of the high RTPs of different slot machines to get a 2% return. Start playing now to gain the 10mBTC prize on all slots every week.

How to participate
  1. Log in to your account at Livecasino
  2. Participate in any slot game once every 7 days
  3. Make sure to play real money on any slot machine
  4. If you reach a total bet amount of 500 mBTC before the end of the 7 days, you’ll receive a cash bonus of 10 mBTC.
Important conditions to remember
Take note that only players who wager using their Bitcoin balance are eligible for this promotion. This also includes real money bets but not bonus money wagers. On the off chance that you have not reached the 500 mBTC betting requirement within the necessary time frame, your bonus code for the week will be invalid and cannot be used during that time. Additionally, no prizes will be given.

On another hand, Livecasino reserves the right to modify, postpone or cancel a campaign at any time if deemed necessary. Users who are suspected of fraud or abuse of our promotion rules will be restricted from joining any of our ongoing or upcoming bonuses.

Popular slot games to try
Feast your eyes on the best slot games at Livecasino by looking through the list below:

Hawaiian Dream by Golden Hero

Let your imagination run wild in Golden Hero’s Hawaiian Dream slot. Featuring an RTP of 97%, every spin of the game will leave you on your toes at the excitement. Look through all the knobs and edges of this casino slot that offers 5 different ways to win.

Jammin Jars 2 by Push Gaming

Feel the beat of your heart thump at every bit of the casino game Jammin Jars 2 by Push Gaming. It has an RTP of 96.4% and is the fantastic sequel to the colourful themed Jammin Jars slot. Experience a jam-packed experience filled with loads of prizes by spinning the reels and placing a bet now.

Weekly rebates

Look forward to the different surprises that Livecasino has in store for you every week. Keep an eye out for our weekly rebates that come in three different levels, namely:

Level 1 – Place a bet of at least 200 mBTC or 6 ETH on any of the live games in Livecasino during the ‘Pro’ Weekly Rebate Bonus week for a chance to win 1 mBTC or 0.03 ETH on your account.

Level 2 – Wagering a minimum amount of 500 mBTC or 15 ETH on your favourite games at Livecasino within the designated period allows you to gain a cash bonus of 3 mBTC or 0.09 ETH.

Level 3 – Put at least 1 BTC or 30 ETH at stake when playing any of the live games at Livecasino during the VIP Weekly Rebate Bonus period for a chance to score a cash bonus of 8 mBTC or 0.25 ETH.

How to participate
  1. Once every 7 days, check the ‘Bonus’ page of your account in Livecasino
  2. Enable the rebate bonus
  3. If you accumulate the required bet amount, your account will immediately display the bonus
  4. After getting the weekly rebate bonus, you can try another similar bonus if you want.
How to activate your bonus
  1. Click your desired weekly rebate bonus
  2. Activate the bonus from the ‘My Bonus’ tab on your account
  3. Place a wager and play any of the live games at Livecasino.

Activate your bonus now and get a total of 12 mBTC or 0.37 ETH rebate bonus every week. Remember to strike while the iron’s hot and maximize this campaign to the fullest.

Important rules to remember
Keep note of the following important rules when using the weekly rebates promo at Livecasino:

  • The Weekly rebate bonus can only be earned once every 7 days
  • Once you enable the rebate bonus, your bet amount will be counted as per the betting conditions of this promotion
  • You can get another bonus seven business days after claiming a rebate bonus.
Examples of live games
Andar Bahar Live by Ezugi

Kickstart a thrilling round by playing Ezugi’s Andar Bahar Live. It’s a digital version of the classic Indian card game of the same name where your task is to place a bet on either the Andar or Bahar space. Make a wager now and see where things go in this live game with an RTP of 95.57%.

First Person Dream Catcher by Evolution

Score up to 7x your bet and let your dreams come to life in Evolution’s First Person Dream Catcher! Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of emotions and make sure to activate your bonus to gain some rewards after.

mobile banner casino promo

Why you should use casino promotions

Uncover the different perks of using online casino promotions:

It rewards you for your efforts

The reward system of Livecasino acknowledges all your efforts for playing various games on the site through different bonus points. It showers you with all the good things you deserve such as getting more Bitcoins and gaining lots of Free Spins.

It encourages you to play more

Playing and betting is more exciting at Livecasino because of our casino promotions. They encourage you to try different games and even if you place a minimum bet, you’ll still get something in return.

It lowers your chances of losing a lot

Regardless of the outcome of your game, you won’t have to feel bad because of the casino campaigns since they still reward you for trying. Get rid of any worries about losing and use the tournaments as a different way to increase your bankroll.

It’s something to look forward to

Having something to look forward to makes the experience at Livecasino better and more memorable than ever. Check the promotions and tournaments tab of our website to know what’s currently happening and what’s about to come. This helps spice up your entire gaming time and makes things more exciting.

How to maximize your promotions

Online casino promotions help boost your winnings and make the experience more exhilarating. Here’s how you can maximize them:

Regularly check for the latest casino promotion available
Take heed of all the different tournaments and the latest casino promotions at Livecasino to know which ones you can use. You can see all updates about this on the website so consistently check it to not miss out on the important events.
Use your bonuses one at a time
Bear in mind that you can only use your bonuses one at a time so make sure you choose the one that’s most advantageous to you. Utilize them whenever necessary and make sure to enable your ‘bonus’ tab in your account.
Know and follow the requirements
Before claiming a promotion, read through their different betting requirements to know how you can be eligible for them. Make sure to follow the necessary conditions like achieving the minimum wager amount needed and accumulating the points needed.
Join live lotteries
Once you’ve fulfilled all the betting requirements for live lotteries, you’ll be notified when the draws will happen. Take note of the designated schedules and participate in the lottery to know if you won or not.
Enjoy the experience
Rather than simply focusing on the results, try to get the most out of using different casino bonuses by focusing on the thrill and excitement it brings. Enjoy the experience of being part of live draws and don’t take any win or loss to heart.

Find the latest casino promotions at Livecasino!

Livecasino offers a series of online casino promotions every day. Keep your eyes open for the series of surprises that we have prepared for you by regularly checking our site. Get daily prizes and weekly rebates by participating in our tournaments and betting on the different table and slot games now!

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