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What VIP is in online casinos 

In a broad sense, VIP means a person gets to be treated with priority more than others. Being a VIP in an online casino is one way to enjoy exclusive perks and bonuses that ordinary players don’t get to experience. It might seem easy to acquire, but a lot of patience and playing time is needed to be considered a VIP. 

Most online casinos have VIP players, which means that they have a program that rewards players who spend time playing games on the site. This is a way for operators to show appreciation to their long-standing regulars who are consistent with their visits and playing. Usually, these special programs come with rewards like free spins, exclusive bonuses and seamless entry to tournaments.  

While VIP programs are considered for high-rollers only, that doesn’t mean you need to bet large amounts of money. By just regularly playing on the site increases your chances of becoming a VIP member. 

Benefits of being a VIP 

Being able to play various online casino games is already a big benefit for many players, but what more if you become a VIP member of the site? Like other VIP settings, you’ll also experience tons of benefits when you become a VIP in an online casino.

If you want to experience being a VIP first-hand, find out what benefits you can obtain when you check the list below:

Special events and private tournaments
One of the first major perks of being a VIP in an online casino is having access to special events and exclusive tournaments. In these events, players are offered higher prices compared to ordinary tournaments. When you become a member, you have the chance to receive invitations to various contests that other players must earn entry to.

For instance, a special tournament can require a $100 fee for each player to earn an entry and participate. But if you’re a part of the VIP club, there’s no deposit fee required to join the tournament.

Apart from special tournaments, VIP players also have the opportunity to be given access to exclusive events like concerts, sporting events, game launches and more.

Personal account manager
Another perk of an online casino VIP member is that you won’t be using regular customer service whenever you want to ask something. Instead, you’ll have your personal account manager. When this happens, you can reach out to your private account manager any time of day to send questions if you need clarification or guidance about various things.

While it’s already a big perk if a casino site has customer service, you’ll experience better services with a personal account manager because they will reply to you instantly regardless of the time you sent the message.

Personalized gifts
For the next type of perk of being a VIP, you have the opportunity to receive personalized gifts from the online casino. This often happens during special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries as a way for the online casino to show its appreciation to its users.

Often, the gifts given to players include free spins or special bonuses. But these perks are not limited to just those. As you move up the ranks, the incentives you receive just keep getting better and better. Some of those include larger amounts of free play cash or a physical item of the same value.

For instance, you can receive jewellery, computers, televisions and even holidays to other places around the world. However, if you want to receive these kinds of gifts, you need to wager large bets. That’s why a lot of high-rollers opt to bet high amounts.

Faster payouts
When you’re a VIP in an online casino, you’ll enjoy faster payouts compared to average casino players. Every time you hit a win, it’ll be easier for you to withdraw your winnings because it’s seamless and hassle-free. With this kind of perk, you’ll experience genuine VIP treatment like no other.

While a lot of online casinos nowadays put an effort to speed up the process of players’ payouts, it can still take a few days for the money from your account to be transferred to your bank account.

But if you’re a VIP, speedy withdrawal is a huge benefit since it won’t take long before you receive your payout.

Free withdrawals
Apart from faster payouts, you’ll also experience free withdrawals which is a huge perk since you’ll be moving money to and from your online casino account. This can become costly in the long run, especially once you start computing all your expenses in putting money into your account.

If you’re an avid visitor of an online casino site, being able to withdraw money without any charge is a big deal. With this perk, you can make transactions anytime you want without the need to figure out how you can withdraw and save money at the same time.

Exclusive real money bonuses
While most of the rewards players will receive from an online casino are free spins and other perks, there are other rewards you can receive and this includes real money bonuses. This type of reward is exclusive for VIP players of the site, so regular ones won’t be able to receive one.

What makes being a VIP exciting is that the money you’ve put into your account to earn points will be returned to you eventually since you can receive real money bonuses. Additionally, as your level ranks up, the conversion for the money bonus will be more in your favour.

Sneak peek at new games
A lot of online casinos nowadays offer first access to new games to VIP players. This is a good perk especially if you like having access to games that are not available to everyone. Not only will you feel special but you’ll also get to try them to see how they work and what features are included.
Higher deposit limits
Higher deposit limits is another benefit you can receive if you’re a VIP member. Compared to average players, the deposit limits for VIP players are relatively higher. This allows you to take advantage of placing large amounts of deposits and withdrawals. Apart from these, you can also join VIP tables that have higher stakes, allowing you to join other high rollers in a game.

How to become a VIP in an online casino

You can experience the thrilling perks we mentioned when you become a VIP in an online casino. If you want to make the most of your time in an online casino as a VIP member, learn how you can become one when you follow our guide below:

There are two different ways for you to become a VIP member—by depositing funds and consistency in playing various casino games. Typically, VIP players like to explore everything an online casino has to offer, especially when it comes to trying different games whether classics or modern variants. 

Depositing amounts

The first way for you to become a VIP member is by depositing amounts constantly into your account. Aside from your visits to the online casino site, you’ll also need to put up some wagers since the casino also monitors how often you deposit funds into your account. 

You don’t have to worry about the size of your deposit because it’s the consistency that counts. As long as you make it a habit to transfer money, you have a high chance of becoming a VIP player. 

Loyalty points 

This one goes hand in hand with depositing amounts since you obtain loyalty points every time you spend a credit. These points are a type of bonus that entices players like you to keep playing in an online casino. Once you start collecting loyalty points, they become the building blocks of the loyalty system. 

Each casino differs in loyalty points, so you might find some sites have either higher or lower points for every amount of credit spent. For instance, one online casino might give you one loyalty point for every 100 units of your credits.  

Additionally, loyalty points are designed to keep players engaged in an online casino. They are monitored by the casino and once a player reaches a certain level, they can access rewards and other perks. 

There’s no certainty as to when you can become a VIP member. When you do, the casino will send you a notification stating that you earned a position in the club. Additionally, just because you’ve deposited a large amount of money doesn’t mean you’ll become a VIP instantly. You’ll need to have patience and a lot of time playing games to gradually increase your chances of entering the VIP club. 


Play games

As mentioned above, you need to invest time in playing online casino games for a chance to become a part of the VIP club. On every online casino site, there’s a wide range of games you can choose to play. Whether you’re a beginner or a long-time player, there are available games that will suit your preference. Here are some of the games you can choose from:

Slots are arguably the easiest casino games ideal for anyone looking for fun and easy gameplay. They attract all kinds of players due to their extensive selection of themes, game providers and features. You’ll find a plethora of slots ranging from 5-payline games to cluster pay ones that will give you an immersive experience.

Additionally, there are tons of slot themes that will catch your attention including fantasy, horror, summer, party and other types of themes. To give you a head start, here are some of the thrilling games you can try:


Get ready for a fun space adventure when you hop aboard the spaceship and blast off into outer space in the Reactoonz slot! This adorable slot by Play’n GO is one of the most popular ones due to its exciting features and regarding payouts.

Reactoonz is a 7-reel, cluster pay slot that has an RTP of 96.51%. Befriend the adorable aliens and start your extraterrestrial exploration to land winning combinations and have a chance to activate fun features such as Garantoon, Quantum Leap and Quantum Features that include Implosion, Demolition, Incision and Alteration.

Moon Princess

Another good slot game that you can try is the Moon Princess slot by Play’n GO. Meet the three princesses that can reward you with majestic payouts when you explore the galaxy with them in this 5-reel and 27-payline slot.

Spin the reels to create winning combinations that can trigger exciting features such as Girl Power, Princess Trinity and Free Spins to grant you more wins.

Live Dealer
Apart from slots, you can also explore a broad range of live dealer games. These games consist of real-life dealers who will facilitate the game and do all the dealings. Additionally, they are played in real-time, allowing players to interact with the dealer and other players as well as watch the whole gameplay unfold.

For this category, you’ll find both classic and modern casino games you can choose from. If you’re a beginner, you can try the regular live roulette, live poker, live blackjack and live baccarat. But you can try other variants from different game providers.

Table Games
Table games consist of basic casino games offered in brick and mortar casinos. Compared to live dealers, table games are not live and don’t consist of real-life dealers and equipment. Some of the table games you can try out are roulette, poker, baccarat and blackjack.

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